Hirokazu Shirado is Assistant Professor of the Human-Computer Interaction Institute in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. He obtained his doctorate in Sociology at Yale University in 2019, where he was a member of the Human Nature Lab at the Yale Institute for Network Science. Prior to Yale, he spent eight years as an engineering researcher at Sony Corporation.

His overarching research interest is in the role of social interactions and technology in the emergence of social order and in the collective confrontation of social dilemmas. In particular, he focuses on social networks and the implications of social network characteristics for network interventions. At the same time, he has been developing new methodologies in computational social science. His experiments have contributed primarily to the field of sociology and human-computer interactions, but they are also relevant to sub-fields related to network science, evolutionary ecology, behavioral economics, organizational theory, and public health.

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Working experience

  • Aug 2019 – Present       Carnegie Mellon University, Assistant Professor
  • Apr 2006 – Sep 2014     Sony Corporation, Researcher
  • Sep 2011 – Aug 2012     Harvard Medical School, Visiting Researcher
  • Apr 2009 – Aug 2011     Keio University (Japan), Visiting Researcher


  • Sep 2014 – May 2019     Yale University, Ph.D. in Sociology
  • Apr 2004 – Mar 2006     Keio University (Japan), Master in Engineering